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See You In Your Dreams

Gene Simmons

Gene re-recorded "See You In Your Dreams" because he was apparently not happy with the way KISS' version had turned out. According to Gene, "I didn't like the way KISS did it" (Firehouse #58). Unfortunately, Gene wasn't particularly happy with this version either: "In my head I heard much more a Humble Pie thing, but it came off sounding much poppier than that" (Firehouse #58).

Michael Des Barres sang backing vocals on the new version with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick making a guest appearance on lead guitar. KISS had already taken Cheap Trick out on the road with them during the "Love Gun" tour of 1977. Cheap Trick had also by then mentioned KISS in their classic song "Surrender" which had been released on their "Heaven Tonight" album in 1978.