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Man of 1,000 Faces

Gene Simmons

This song was written as a tribute to one of Gene's Hollywood horror film heroes, Lon Chaney, though by the time it was recorded, it had already been put through the recycling machine and had parts of its original lyrics used on "Got Love For Sale" and "Tunnel Of Love." The remaining parts, with lyrics which went: "I've got to tear your heart apart / I've got to finish anything I start / Because I haven't got a heart" and "I'm gonna take your love away / Gonna force you to stay / You wouldn't have it any other way" were discarded.

The only part of the original version to remain was a chorus that went: "I'm the man of 1,000 faces / Man of 1,000 faces..." The 1978 form of the song became almost autobiographical in nature. When asked about whether this was the case by Kris DeLorenzo, Gene responded, "I think so. I think for the first time... although nobody's going to see behind the mask, what I'm trying to tell everybody is that it really isn't a mask. It's just one of the different faces, and everybody's got many, many different faces. And people are not the same with any two people. You always change the way you are with your parents which is not the way you are with your friends, which is not the way you are with your enemies... Everybody's got problems with different faces. With the face on stage everybody knows me, and it's just one of the faces. I think this album will be another" (Grooves, 1978).