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Always Near You/Nowhere To Hide

Gene Simmons

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter guests on guitar, while Mitch Weissman and Joe Pecorino (both of Beatlemania fame) also appeared on the track. Richard T. Bear plays piano. This "song" had originally been two separate pieces, one of which probably dated back to 1975, since it was a song-title which appeared on one of Gene's song lists.

"Always Near You" runs some 2:33 before transitioning into the vastly different "Nowhere To Hide." The introduction of Mitch Weissman into the KISS camp didn't have an immediate impact, though during the 1980s he co-wrote material with Gene, Paul, and Eric. Beatlemania was a tribute stage-show, and later movie, to the Beatles, and it is perhaps because of Gene's inability to get any of the real "Beatles" to appear on his album that he recruited the cast members representing Paul McCartney and John Lennon, respectively, who were enjoying popularity at the time.