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Living in Sin

Gene Simmons, Sean Delaney, Howard Marks

Originally fully titled "Living In Sin At The Holiday Inn," the song's title would be shortened rather than possibly offend one of America's largest hotel chains. This song featured an offbeat appearance of Cher, Gene's then girlfriend, as the hysterical female telephone voice with some assistance from her daughter Chastity. Gene recalled, "He [Neil] was having a party at his house, and I was there and Cher was there, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, and people like that were there. So it was kind of a special affair. I didn't care so much for Cher, she just happened to be there. And Neil went over and asked her to sing on my album because she had just signed with Casablanca Records. And I walked over and I apologized. You know, he shouldn't have done that. 'If anybody's going to ask you to sing on the album it's going to be me,' I said. And then the next day I played her the stuff, from the material and then within a week or so we were friendlier" (Grooves, 1978). Most of Cher and Chastity's contribution is unintelligible, though Gene does answer the phone with a "Hello... Baby" very similar to the Big Bopper's classic telephone conversation start of "Chantilly Lace," which had been released in 1958. Parts of what Cher says goes something to the effect: "Hello, I, I / Is this Gene Simmons? / Oh, can I, aw, oh my God, oh, uh, is it, uh, uh, what rumors do I got... / Is it true what they say about... / That you get to show your friends personally? / I've been really rude / I mean we were the first, but they kept trying / Gene, uh, oh my God!" However, a couple of the lines are pretty unintelligible, so it's something of a guess. More amusingly, perhaps, Cher later performed KISS' "I Was Made For Lovin' You" on her television show.