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Tunnel of Love

Gene Simmons

Gene had recycled parts of the original lyrics for "Man of 1,000 Faces" on "Got Love For Sale," which was recorded for the "Love Gun" album the previous year, and he'd use additional remnants of that song on "Tunnel Of Love." This song had been mentioned in the KISS Army Newsletter in early 1977 as a song that was a then prospective candidate for release on the "Love Gun" album. Gene had initially written it and "Got Love For Sale," while the band was in Japan in March/April 1977.

Interestingly, this song had been included in the batch of song that had originally been demoed by Gene with the Van Halen brothers in 1977. "You're a victimless crime / It happens all the time / You'll jump off the roof if I say / I'm gonna take your love away, gonna force you to stay / You wouldn't have it any other way" were the lyrics for the original bridge in "Man Of 1,000 Faces." Parts of this bridge would be used in the second and third verses, respectively. Interestingly, for the tracks recording, Joe Perry, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, and Richie Ranno are all credited as playing guitar on the track. However, only Richie, who was a friend of Sean Delaney's and a member of the band Starz, would have his guitar work used on the final track.