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Burning Up With Fever

Gene Simmons

Originally demoed in 1976 with the vocal assistance from "The Group With No Name." Donna Summer provided the backing vocals on the studio recording. According to Gene, "She blew the roof right off" (KISS & Make-up). Sean recalled the session: "A funny thing that happened with Donna Summer (because I had used her on 'Tunnel Of Love') when I first walked in, she tried to fool me by suddenly speaking to her manager in German. Well, I had just been living in Germany for about a year and a half, so as she was sitting there thinking she was speaking behind my back, I just jumped in with German and said, 'Excuse me, but if you're going to have to speak German then it's cool, but a lot of people here don't really understand what you're saying so you might as well just speak English.' I thought she was going to die. Because she was saying rude things" (Special Delivery #13).