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Gene Simmons

"Radioactive" originally started out as a song called "Penny Arcade" that Gene had written at The Record Plant studios (Sharp, Ken - Goldmine). His initial idea was revamped and developed into a pulsating rocker. "Radioactive" was a song, like Paul's "Hard Luck Woman," originally considered to be offered to another artist. In this case Gene had the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis in mind, since he'd been offered the chance to produce him, though Bill Aucoin would nix the idea.

The introduction to "Radioactive" was written by composer/arranger Ron Frangipane, who had also worked on the Lyn Christopher album back in 1972. According to Gene the introduction was, "Based on some things that he's heard on the album, mainly 'Radioactive,' and the piece sounds kind of like the themes from Jaws, the Exorcist. It's basically strings, lots of brass, and uh, Janis Ian... Singing in Latin... The Latin says something like, 'I see no evil, I hear no evil, it's not around me at all,' but underneath her is Sean (Delaney) doing a kind of deep voice growl" (Rock Magazine). According to Gene, Joe Perry, from Aerosmith, only plays guitar on the choruses with Steve Lacey playing the solo. Other guests on the piece included Eric Troyer (Piano) and Bob Seger.

Released as the single from Gene's solo album, "Radioactive" only managed to reach #47 on the singles charts during early 1979 with a short 8-week run on the charts. At 2:54 this radio edit simply cuts the extended "demonic" introduction from the song.