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"The Barracudas"

Material released by Peter Criss' early band, The Barracudas. Tracks 1 & 2 were issued on an independent 7" single in January 1967, while tracks 3 & 4 came off a second 7" single issued later (perhaps as late as 1968). While Peter definitely drummed on the first two songs, his involvement on the second single remains unclear. All songs were written by the band's lead guitarist, Carlos Cancel...


01. It's Been So Long (1966)
02. Affection (1966)
03. Chicken (1966/7)
04. No Use (1966/7)

"Sounds Of Soul"

Cover versions recorded by Peter Criss' band following the Barracudas. The band's cover of "Respect" follows Otis Redding's original arrangement, rather than the better known Aretha Franklin version... A second acetate containing original compositions is known to exist.


01. Since If Fell For You (1967)
02. My Girl (1967)
03. Respect (1967)

"The Vintage"

Another of Peter Criss' bands prior to his joining Chelsea, The Vintage won a talent show at the Academy of Music in January 1969 and were recorded with studio time -- they recorded this demo, probably written by Joey Lucenti, the band's primary song-writer...


01. What Is A Man (1969)

"The Others" (Peter Criss-related)

Did Chelsea make you want to vomit? Well, Mike Brand and Peter Shepley were in a band together before Chelsea. "The Others" released three singles, all of which are very rare and collectible, with Brand/Shepley as the primary song-writers (except on Track 02 which is a cover)...


01. I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye (1965)
02. Until I Heard It From You (1965)
03. Lonely Street (1965)
04. I Remember (The First Time I Saw You) (1965)
05. Morning (1967)
06. My Friend The Wizard (1967)

"Chelsea" (1970)

Paul Stanley has been heard to describe Wicked Lester's output as eclectic. However, that word could be better used to describe Peter Criss' pre-KISS band Chelsea's material which was a hybrid mix of folk and electric without too many unifying factors...


01. Rollin' Along (1970)
02. Let's Call It A Day (1970)
03. Silver Lining (1970)
04. All American Boy (1970)
05. Hard Rock Music (1970)
06. Ophelia (1970)
07. Long River (1970)
08. Grace (1970)
09. Polly Von (1970)
10. Good Company (1970)

"Chelsea Second Album Demos"

Prior to splitting Chelsea did do some demo recordings, some may be covers or simply the result of Shepley/Brand jamming with Stan Penridge without Peter...


01. Heaven In The Stars Above (1970/1)
02. Run Mr. Greene (1970/1)
03. You Make Me Feel (1970/1)


Some of this material would be recycled for Peter's 1978 solo album...


01. Hooked On Rock 'N Roll (1971/2)
02. Don't You Let Me Down (1971/2)
03. I'm Gonna Love You (1971/2)
04. That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes (1971/2)
05. Don't Let The Blues Surround You (1971/2)
06. Beck (1971)

"Love Gun Demos"

Peter did bring material to KISS to record, though he also performed material written by other members. Some was used, some wasn't...


01. Love Bite (1977)
02. Hooligan (1977)

"Solo Album Out-Take"

Out-take from Peter Criss' solo album. Sean Delaney brought Peter more than just the material that eventually appeared on his album. This song was eventually deemed too "dark" and was not used... By Peter that is. Sean re-cut the vocal and the song was released on his solo album, "Highway," in January 1979. Sadly this recording is only available in atrocious quality. It would have sounded good next to "Send In The Clowns"...


01. Spotlights (And Lonely Nights)

"Dynasty Demos"

Some of this material would be used on Peter's "Out Of Control" album and was written with Vini Poncia...


01. Dirty Livin' (1979)
02. Out Of Control (1979)
03. There's Nothing Better (1979)
04. Rumble (1979)

"Out Of Control" Out-takes & Demos

Not all of the material recorded for Peter's first post-KISS solo album was used. Peter and Stan also remixed some of the album...


01. Could It Be Love (1980)
02. You're My Girl (1980)
03. Could It Be Love (Demo Version, 1980)
04. You're My Girl (Demo Version, 1980)
05. I Found Love (Demo Version, 1980)

"Budweiser" Commercial (1981)

Produced by the D'Arcy-Mac Manus and Masius advertising agency. The date is not clear, though DAMM merged with Benton & Bowles in November 1985, resulting in a name change to the firm, so the reel dates from before then. While the backing track is probably generic studio musician work, with no suggestion of Peter "playing," the guitar sound on this radio jingle is very similar to that on Peter's "Out Of Control" album, suggesting that it may be Stan Penridge playing the solo at least (or at most). That suggests a 1980-2 window, apart from the reel code BB81-4. The reel was distributed by Genesis Recording with one 60 second and one 30 second spot from both Peter and the Bus Boys...


01. Long Version (0:60)
02. Short Version (0:30)

"Let Me Rock You" Demos

A couple of tracks dating from the period surrounding Peter's second post-KISS solo album, one song, of course, celebrating his daughter...


01. Rock And Roll Survivor (1982)
02. Jenilee (1982)
03. Jenilee [Guitar Version] (1982)
04. Bad Boys (1982)

"Penridge-Criss Alliance Demos"

Tracks 1-4 recorded late-1983/early 1984; Tracks 5-7 recorded in Nashville in 1984, the Alliance split soon after these three demos were recorded. Peter is on vocals and percussion...


01. Tell Tale Valentine (1983/4)
02. Run For Cover (1983/4)
03. Time Of Our Lives (1983/4)
04. Blame It On Love (1983/4)
05. Baby, Hold On (1984)
06. Forever With You (1984)
07. Never Met A Woman (1984)

"Balls Of Fire"

These songs are from the third and fifth Balls Of Fire shows in August 1986. Several are originals and while the SQ isn't that great, they will give you an idea of the sort of material the band was performing...


01. Unknown Song (1986)
02. Blue Don't Look Good On You (1986)
03. Get Off My Back (1986)
04. Dreaming (1986)
05. Why Won't You Dance With Me (1986)
06. Unknown Song (1986)
07. You Can Have Me Baby (1986)
08. Unknown Song (1986)
09. Feel Like Heaven (1986)
10. Put Your Lips On Mine (1986)

"The Keep" Demos

While Peter only sings lead on one of these songs (#1), which was also a cover of a 1971 R&B hit by Lee Michaels, the teaming of him with Mark St. John was juicy! While the band had split by the time most fans had heard of it, it gave Peter the genesis for Criss. Other members of this band were Michael Norton and David McDonald, both who had been in White Tiger with Mark...


01. Do You Know What I Mean (1990)
02. All Night Long (1990)
03. Between The Lines (1990)
04. Been A Long Time (1990)
05. Love For Sale (1990)

Criss #1 Demos

After getting rid of the Keep, Peter put together his first lineup of Criss which included the highly recommended Phil Naro. Phil and Peter would write plenty of material together, but would also demo some of Peter's then recent Keep songs...


01. Love For Sale (1991)
02. Blue Moon Over Brooklyn (1991)
03. Do You Know What I Mean (1991)
04. Between The Lines (1991)
05. Wait For The Minute To Rock 'N Roll (1991)
06. No, I'm Not Afraid (1991)
07. Bad People Burn In Hell (1991)

Criss Live

Track 1 was a closing song early in the Criss live career. It was originally one of the Phil Naro demos...


01. Wait For The Minute To Rock And Roll (1992)
02. Don't Come Cryin' To Me (1992)
03. Crazy For Your Love (1992)
04. Wasted Love (1992)

Cat EP Tracks

Two tracks included on the Criss EP would not be included on the full-length album...


01. The Cat (1993)
02. Watcha' Doin' (1993)

CRISS "2nd Album" Demos

During their tours of 1995 CRISS introduced many new songs into their set; some of which were being refined for use on a possible second studio album. Many were demoed, including these four songs dating from the summer following the end of the Canadian tour...


01. My Reality (1995)
02. Seeds (1995)
03. Zig-Zag (1995)
04. Leave Me Alone (1995)

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