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Due to bandwidth and copyright issues, only samples of the material can be heard here.

"Bullfrog Bheer"

Bluegrass Gene meets McCartney Gene. The earliest available Gene (so far). Plenty of other recordings were on a tape Gene submitted (unsuccessfully) to publishers in 1970 including "Eskimo Sun", "Little Lady", "Amen Corner", "About Her", "Put On Your Slippers", and others...


01. Stanley The Parrot (1970)
02. Leeta (1970)


"Wicked Lester"

Wicked Lester wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but it is considered the holy-grail of audio to some sectors of the KISS Army. I'll add the 1976/7 CBS Remixes later...


01. Love Her All I Can (1971/2)
02. Sweet Ophelia (1971/2)
03. Keep Me Waiting (1971/2)
04. What Happens In The Darkness (1971/2)
05. We Wanna Shout It Out Loud (1971/2)
06. Too Many Mondays (1971/2)
07. She (1971/2)
08. Molly (1971/2)
09. Simple Type (1971/2)
10. When The Bell Rings (1971/2)
11. Long Long Road (Demo, 1971/2)
12. Too Many Mondays (Gene Vocal Demo, 1971/2)



Gene and Paul sang backing vocals on three songs on the 'Lyn Christopher' album and one non-album Tommy James track. Celebrate I & II are the same song split onto the last song one side one and first song on side two of the album. The background vocals are only very evident at the very end of Celebrate I so there is no point providing a sample when there is much more backing vocal work on Celebrate II...


Lyn Christopher
01. Weddin' (1973)
02. Celebrate II (1973)

Tommy James
03. Celebration (1973)

"Mid-1970s demos"

Assorted demos from the 1975/6 period grouped together since some (1-5) were all on the same acetate. More than likely recorded at different times, and some of these are probably from the 1978-82 period...


01. Rotten To The Core (1975/6)
02. High And Low (1975/6)
03. Jelly Roll (1975/6)
04. Burning Up With Fever (1975/6)
05. Daily Planet (1975/6)
06. I Don't Want No Romance (1976)
07. Howling For Your Love (1976)
08. Bad Bad Lovin' (1978)
09. Fourever (1978)
10. Heartthrob (1978)
11. Love Came To Me (1978)

"Van Halen Demos"

Some samples of the songs Gene produced for Van Halen...


01. Baby, Don't Leave Me Alone
02. Big Trouble
03. House Of Pain
04. Let's Get Rockin'
05. On Fire
06. Put Out the Lights
07. Runnin' With The Devil
08. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
09. She's the Woman
10. Woman In Love

"Virgin Demos, 1978/9"

Track 1: While this song is often described as being an "Asylum" demo it was originally demoed in early 1979. The original demo is far superior to the generally circulating piece in terms of quality and runs 3.30. During 1978/9 Gene Simmons was working with the boy-band Virgin (who were managed by Bill Aucoin), producing an album that was never released. At the same time Gene was demoing material with Virgin drummer Chuck Billings. Chuck, and Virgin's guitarist, Tom Moody, were also present at the KISS Magic Mountain, Valencia show for "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" along with teen-idol Leif Garrett (who Chuck would later have a band with). Tom would also help out on rhythm guitar on a couple of the 4 or 5 songs Gene and Chuck recorded - one, whose title is currently unknown, was later recorded for a KISS album. Track 2: A prototype of the more common 1982 version that runs 3.04. Unlike the later version this track has more in common with Gene's 1970s demos in terms of style. It is also structurally different...


01. I Have Just Begun To Fight
02. Reputation

"BJ-105FM Radio"

Jumpin' Gene Simmons on Orlando's BJ-105 lunch-time radio from June 14, 1979. Gene attempts to get people who call in to talk, discusses the cancellation of that day's show (which would have been the first night of the "Dynasty/Return of KISS" tour), and more...


01. Part 1
02. Part 2
03. Part 3
04. Part 4
05. Part 5
06. Part 6

"Demos, 1982-5"

Assorted demos from Gene, some with Eric Carr, Mitch Weissman, Bruce Kulick and possibly Adam Mitchell dating from 1982-5, and one which is from 1979...


01. 100%
02. Hello, Hello
03. I Have Just Begun To Fight
04. Keep Your Tail Between Your Legs
05. Nobody's Perfect
06. Russian Roulette
07. Take It Like A Man
08. We Won't Take It Anymore
09. What You See Is What You Get


Assorted post-"Reunion" era material

Assorted non-demo material from the post-"Reunion" era...


01. Paul's Folgers Coffee radio commercial... (2001)
02. Gene on NPR Interview 2/4/02 - Part 1 (WMA)
03. Gene on NPR Interview 2/4/02 - Part 2 (WMA)
04. Gene on NPR Interview 2/4/02 - Part 3 (WMA)
05. Gene on NPR Interview 2/4/02 - Part 4 (WMA)

"Speaking In Tongues" Demo Samples

Gene previewed an assortment of demo samples during his Australian Speaking Tour in 2002...


01. Sweet & Dirty
02. You're My Reason For Living
03. I Am Yours
04. Carnival Of Souls

"Sex Money KISS" Demo Samples

These songs were included on the bonus disk on the "Sex Money KISS" audio lunch-box and were later released on the Japanese version of "Asshole." The songs were recorded in the early 1990's...


01. Everybody
02. You're My Reason For Living

"Asshole" Assorted Mixes

Some alternative material from Gene's 2003 solo album...


01. Asshole (Sheep Edit)
02. Asshole (Radio Edit)


"Speaking In Tongues" DVD Demo Samples

Gene's DVD was littered with audio samples of material planned for release in some format at some point. Here's a taste...


01. I Am Yours
02. Weapons
03. I Turn To Stone
04. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
05. Unknown
06. Am I Losing My Mind


"Business Ventures" Demo Samples

Gene's business ventures are now generating music. In the case of "I Am INDY," Gene simply co-wrote the piece which is performed by Bag; "Sexercise" is simply the backing track Gene created for the auditions of the project of the same title...


01. I Am Indy (2005)
02. Sexercise (2006)

"Family Jewels" CD Sampler (2006)

Part of the promotional package for Gene's "Family Jewels" TV show, this spoken word snippet CD has Gene talking (very briefly) about a variety of subjects also covered in his TV show...


01. Narcissism (0:20)
02. Marriage (0:13)
03. Relationship With Shannon (0:41)
04. Pets (0:08)
05. Domesticity (0:09)
06. Himself (0:12)
07. Parenting (0:23)
08. The Rock God (0:13)
09. Arrogance (0:13)
10. Confidence (0:10)

"Family Jewels" Demo Samples

These songs were included on the bonus disk with the "Family Jewels" season 1 deluxe DVD set. The songs were recorded in the early 1990's The version of Track 02 varies slightly from that released in 2003 on Gene's "Sex Money KISS" audio book lunch box and Japanese version of "Asshole." While it has more prominent drums, it lacks some of the electric guitar over-dubs and is 17 seconds longer, though most of that is the result of a longer fade-out. Track 01 is previously known as a song Gene demoed with members of Silent Rage around 1991. Several different lyrical versions of the song exist. Most interesting, perhaps, the riff at the start of this song can also be heard in a studio jam session with Dutch rockers Sleeze Beeze from around 1990/1 where Gene was working with the band on using his "Daily Planet" riff. They'd come up with the song "Jealous Woman" from the efforts, though the band didn't use it. This is a great example of Gene and his creativity. "Rain Keeps Fallin'" was being developed during the COS sessions, with one September 1993 re-write being known with interesting lyrics such as "Burning crosses in my own back yard" and "My name's on a cool headstone with a pretty rose."


01. Rain Keeps Fallin'
02. You're My Reason For Living

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