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Due to bandwidth and copyright issues, only samples of the material can be heard here.

"The Cellarmen"

The first two of these CellArmen tracks were written by Eric Carr who not only drums but sings the lead on them. These remain some of the very earliest material recorded by any KISS member, past or present, and while they are dated, they very much reflect the era in which they were written and recorded. Third is a live drum solo from Eric from the Colony House from around the same time. The final two tracks are two studio demo recordings, in the same format as the first two, recorded for the song-writers to publish the material...


01. Your Turn To Cry (Acoustic Demo, ~1967)
02. I Cry At Night (~1967)
03. Your Turn To Cry (~1967)
04. Drum Solo (~1967)
05. I Found You (~1968)
06. Then I Made A Wish (~1968)
07. Jam Session (~1968)
08. I'm A Believer (Rehearsal, ~1968)
09. Yellow Submarine (Rehearsal, ~1968)

"The Cellarmen w/ Crystal Collins"

The artist that The Cellarmen recorded with, acting as the backing band, was not "Gale", but one Crystal Collins, who was a young singer. The band simply were hired to act as the singer's backing group though they did help with the harmonies on the songs...


01. No Matter How You Try (Rehearsal, ~1969)
02. When You Grow Tired (Rehearsal, ~1969)
03. No Matter How You Try (~1969)
04. When You Go Tired (~1969)

"Salt 'N Pepper"

These recordings are representative of the the sort of Top-40 material Salt 'N Pepper were covering in the early 1970's. Notable in them are Sarita Henderson's incredible vocals. "Black Magic Woman" was originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac, but most famously covered by Carlos Santana; "Misty" was originally recorded by Johnny Mathis; "Just My Imagination" is an excellent Temptations song; and "Summertime", apart from being a favorite of the late Janis Joplin, was a Gershwin/Gershwin/DuBose composition from "Porgy & Bess"...


01. Black Magic Woman (~1974)
02. Misty (~1974)
03. Just My Imagination (~1974)
04. Summertime (~1974)


Out of Salt 'N Pepper rose Creation, albeit only after a name change. With Eric on drums, the band featured the talents of John and Sarita Henderson. The band's major success came from playing the Palladium opening for Nina Simone. It would be this band which would lose members following the terrible Gulliver's club fire...


01. Down By The River (1974)
02. Stranger (1974)
03. Rock Steady (1974)
04. Work Song (1974)
05. Fairy Shoemaker (1974)
06. I'm So Lonely (1974)
07. Baby I Want You (1974)
08. Coordination (1974)
09. Drum/Bass Practice (1974)
10. People (1974)
11. Something Tellin' Me (1974)
12. Looker Of The Glass (1974)
13. What You Are Today (1974)

"Creation" (Demo)

Out of the rehearsals, Creation cut a four song demo...


01. Past, Present & Future (1974)
02. Get Down (1974)
03. Work Song (1974)
04. Something Tellin' Me (1974)

"Creation 7" Single"

There have been suggestions that the Creation single was released without the knowledge of the band sometime following the Gulliver's fire. It seems possible that the songs were recorded by the band while they were still Salt And Pepper, since "I'm So Lonely" was performed live when the band opened for Nina Simone -- and the band continued to use that name interchangeably. The band also joked, during the introduction of the song, whether people had bought the record yet. Regardless, these recordings were fully produced and vary from the versions included on the "Tale Of The Fox" DVD.


01. I'm So Lonely (1974/5)
02. Something Tellin' Me (1974/5)

"Lead-vocals in the 1970s"

Eric Carr sang numerous songs with Salt And Pepper, Creation, Mother Nature / Father Time, and Bionic Boogie, during the 1970s. Here's a few samples.


01. Wildflower (1975/6)
02. Without Love (1975/6)
03. I Wish (1975/6)
04. December '63 (Oh What A Night) (1976/7)
05. Play That Funky Music (1976/7)
06. Ten Percent (1978/9)

"Solo Acoustic Recordings"

Eric recording acoustically on his own in the 1970's showing his excellent taste in music. Track 1 is, naturally, a cover of the incredible, and utterly worthy, Neil Young; Track 2 is by The Doors; Track 3-5 need no introduction...


01. Out On The Weekend (1970+)
02. The Crystal Ship (1970+)
03. Hey Joe (1970+)
04. The Fool On The Hill (1970+)
05. I Saw Her Standing There (1970+)

Mother Nature / Father Time Live @ Bogarts

Recorded live at Bogarts in April 1977...


01. (1977)
02. (1977)

Mother Nature / Father Time Live @ Copperfield's

Recorded live at Copperfields in 1977...


01. (1977)
02. (1977)


Mother Nature / Father Time recorded one 5-track disco album for Casablanca Records in 1979 which seems not to have gotten broad release as disco entered its dying days. MN/FT split soon after the recording having tried without success to break into the big time for much of the decade. Eric is credited by his real name "Paul Caravello" on the rear cover of the album...


01. Disco Symphony (1979)
02. In And Out Of Love (1979)
03. Baby Without Your Love (1979)
04. I Love The Way You Love Me (1979)
05. One Step At A Time (1979)

"Flasher, Live in the Clubs"

After quitting Mother Nature / Father Time, Eric found himself playing in a hard rock cover band. This material is representative of that which they played...


01. London Calling (1980)
02. Do You Remember Rock 'N Roll Radio (1980)
03. Chinese Rocks (1980)
04. Rockaway Beach (1980)
05. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (1980)
06. Rock And Roll High-School (1980)
07. Candy-O (1980)
08. Just What I Needed (1980)
09. Refugee (1980)
10. Baby Talks Dirty (1980)
11. Beautiful Girls (1980)
12. Honky-Tonk Woman (1980)
13. Brown Sugar (1980)
14. Saturday Night (1980)
15. Beating Around The Bush (1980)
16. Roadhouse (1980)
17. Love Me Two Times (1980)
18. I Wanna Be Sedated (1980)
19. Runnin' With The Devil (1980)
20. You Really Got Me (1980)

"Flasher, Live in the Clubs II"

More Flasher live. Recorded live at Barrymore's Club on May 25, 1980...


01. In My Time Of Dying (1980)
02. Look Sharp (1980)
03. One More Time (1980)
04. Good Girls Don't (1980)
05. Frustrated (1980)
06. Baby Talk Dirty (1980)
07. Honky Tonk Woman (1980)
08. Brown Sugar (1980)
09. Beatin' Around The Bush (1980)
10. Hello There (1980)
11. Next To You (1980)
12. Roadhouse Blues (1980)
13. Love Me Two Times (1980)
14. Beautiful Girls (1980)
15. You Really Got Me (1980)
16. London Calling (1980)
17. Summertime Blues (1980)
18. My Generation (1980)
19. Listening To You (1980)
20. On The Radio (1980)
21. I'm The Man (1980)
22. Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio (1980)
23. Chinese Rocks (1980)
24. Rockaway Beach (1980)
25. Do You Wanna Dance (1980)
26. Candy-O (1980)
27. Just What I Needed (1980)
28. A Lot On My Head (1980)
29. Stiff Competition (1980)
30. Highway To Hell (1980)

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