"Anomaly" Euro Tour Show 5: 12/5/09 - Vasteras

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"Anomaly" Euro Tour Show 5: 12/5/09 - Vasteras

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Discussion, meet-ups, set list, etc.
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Ace and his band did a great performance in Vasteras saturday night! All the problems the band had at the Stockholm show was fixed. No sound problems or irritating breaks between the songs as it was in Stockholm. Florida based support act, 16 SECOND STARE, was a nice surprise and started to play around 8:45. They played for about half an hour. Then Ace and his band took the stage 9:50. About 350-400 (my estimation) in the audience was on fire, and so was the band! Ace singing and playing was great.
I think the setlist was pretty much the same as before with the following changes. After Rock Soldiers Ace presented the next song as SBTMB, but I think the second guitarist (sry, don't know his name) started LHAIC instead. The band played along of course, finished the song and played SBTMB afterwards! Surprisingly, FAF was dropped from the setlist.
It was nice to see that Ace still could do sucha great show after the minor disapointment earlier this week in Stockholm.
I give the show 4 * out of 5!

Intro, Fractured mirror
1.Rocket ride
6.Rock soldiers
7.Love her all I can
8.Speedin back to my baby
9.2000 man
10.Fox on the run
11.New york groove
12.Shock me + solo
13.Shout it out loud

15.Rip it out
16.Love gun
17.Cold gin + Black diamond Outro