6/25/14 - Denver, CO

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Re: 6/25/14 - Denver, CO

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29 years old. KISS fan since I was 7 attempting to draw the album covers for Creatures of the Night and Alive II. Have seen KISS 5 times since 1999 in Cincinnati, Louisville, and Nashville. Will be seeing them a 6th time on July 16 in Nashville, taking the fiance who's never been to a real concert (saw Spice Girls and Hanson when she was little). Sitting on the floor, section just in front of mixing board, middle 2nd row.

With that said, I've seen a lot of debate about songs being played on this tour. Since I'm taking someone that's never seen them and only knows maybe 5-6 of their songs if she heard em... I want em to play all the classics.

Christine Sixteen is a shit song live. Just awful. Heard it on their Rock the Nation tour and wanted it to be over 30 seconds in.

Makin Love is also a shit song live. It's redundant and doesn't really excite anyone when it's being played. Has a really nice solo and that's about it.

There's a few songs that MUST be played during a KISS set, no matter the length, and IMO they are Detroit Rock City, Love Gun, Black Diamond, Lick It Up, Shout It Out Loud, Deuce, and Rock and Roll All Nite. Those HAVE TO BE PLAYED. Mix whatever in that you want to take up the rest of the set, but those are the classics I want to hear when they play Nashville in a couple weeks. When I read the set list for the Salt Lake City show, I was disappointed. If I had left that show without seeing Lick It Up, Love Gun, and Deuce, I would've been a little upset.

Deuce > Cold Gin. More energy... great opener or 2nd song.
Love Gun > Makin Love... all the way around. Can't see how it's debated.
Farting into the mic > Christine Sixteen. It's a boring ass song that only the people that really know KISS know.
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Re: 6/25/14 - Denver, CO

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