SBOE Show 5: 5/7/10 - Dublin

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Nearly as many posts as KISS compilations!
Nearly as many posts as KISS compilations!
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thanks for the review. i was wondering if there was anything in the local dublin papers. what a moron reviewer. he had to get a coupla jabs in there didn't he.
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Re: SBOE Show 5: 5/7/10 - Dublin

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Have been thinking about this show today for some reason. Was looking for my review on faq when I realised that I didn't use KISSfaq back in 2010. Thus this is my review from my other favourite KISS fan site," onclick=";return false;. Some great memories of a great show: ... 0&start=30" onclick=";return false;

Right! Proper report on KISS in Dublin now that I’m back after a few days of travelling around Ireland / Scotland after KISS!

Got to Dublin no problem after all the airport issues. Hung out with friends, got lunch etc until early afternoon on Friday. Had arranged to meet BayKiss and co in Bruxelles rock pub off Grafton Street, but when I got there they were in the café across the street –the café that was part of the very posh Westbury Hotel –the Hotel where KISS were staying! Thus we all hung around and chatted while we say black vans coming and going and trying to park at the main entrance of the hotel. There were some familiar KISS faces coming and going (Doc Magee, security guy Michael Francis) so we all thought we might get a chance to see the boys. Thus over the next 2 hours we got to see Tommy twice, then Gene and Eric came out together, Eric signed a few autographs and Gene spoke to a little boy who was next to me (the boy said he would never wash his hand again after Gene shook it!), a little later we saw Paul leaving the hotel in a black van –he must have went out through the underground car park. All in all it was a cool experience to see KISS so up close, especially on Irish soil which is a rarity. It was cool to speak to so many different KISS fans, from Scotland, England, Ireland and Australia (Mr and Mrs Dragon Boots), exchanging past KISS experiences and opinions on different KISS topics –a cool way to pass the afternoon.

Made my way down to Jury’s just before 6pm, was meeting my sister and her pal who drove over 5 hours, and my mate and his fiancé and a few more friends. Had a few drinks in Jury’s and watched the people going by as they walked down to the O2. Made it down to the O2 for the last few songs by Taking Dawn. They were okay and got a bit of a reaction but I think the whole audience was waiting for the main event. Speaking of the audience, it was fairly busy on the standing floor but the seating tiers were fairly sparse, they did fill up to a respectable level by the time KISS came on but there were large sections of the tiers that were curtained off. People said there were about 7 / 8,000 people which is a good result for KISS in Ireland as they never get any press or media attention here.

I got down to a position about 6-7 rows back, straight in front of Paul. The crowd was fairly young down there, all up for a wild night. The place went wild when KISS finally came on, singing along to every word from the beginning. Paul spoke a lot to the crowd, commenting on the passion and fire of the Irish KISS army, making reference to how long its been since they were there (probably referring to Belfast on the Crazy Nights tour back in ’88). He played on the old Irish / British rivalry to get loud boo’s / cheers from the audience, and made his best effort to pronounce “Dublin” in a Dublin-accent (“Dhhubblin”). The crowd lapped it up. They sang the guitar solo for “Detroit Rock City”, sang a long way into “Whole Lotta Love”, did an extended vocal in the breakdown of “God Gave Rock and Roll to you” and lapped up hearing “Crazy, Crazy Nights” with the nice clap along in the middle. There was a lot of crowd surfing and there was even a mini-mosh pit for a while.

Set list was the same as the rest of the tour thus far. It’s impossible to name any particular highlight in an evening of fantastic highs. But I really loved “I’m an Animal”, there was a young guy next to me and we were both singing every word and egging each other on to scream higher and louder. “Deuce” got a massive reaction, the crowd moving and jumping and going mad for the classic band formation at the end, “I was made for loving you” also got a great reaction. Most people I spoke to said the encores were the highlight, the whole place was going mad for the last 5 songs, it was so loud but so excellent! I was surprised at how much confetti was swirling everywhere during “Rock and Roll all Night”; I couldn’t really see the band at all, just white everywhere. The floor was covered! But at the end I still managed to pick up 2 Paul Stanley picks, I have one and my sister now has the other -a nice bonus to a great night.

Was hoarse and hyped up by the time the band finished up. Looking at the faces of the band it really seemed like they enjoyed their first night in Ireland. I hope it means that they will come back some time soon!
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Re: SBOE Show 5: 5/7/10 - Dublin

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HI new here, since seeing the KISStory documentary it has got me a bit nostalgic and i want to revist my first and only time seeing the Band live at this show in 2010 and sadly deleted the mp3 recording of the show. If anyone can help me out and if they have a copy can they send it to me please