US "Alive 35" Show 8: 10/5/09 - Boston

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drolaw wrote:100,000 years, Got to Choose, and Parasite should go for more upbeat and fist pumping songs like War machine, FLAG, Dr. Love, More songs from Sonic Boom.

Kiss needs more energized songs on this tour. Stop playing slow songs that the masses don't know. Who outside of Kiss fans know 100,000 years, Parasite, and Got to Choose.

Give me upbeat energy songs!!
So, "Parasite" isn't upbeat/uptempo?

"War Machine" is not upbeat/uptempo. Casual fans don't know the
song. It wasn't a single or a hit.

BTW, if the masses don't know the songs, that's their problem. Go purchase the cds and listen to them before going to see them in concert.
Spends too much time FAQ'ing off!
Spends too much time FAQ'ing off!
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Evo999 wrote:People who apparently were in the "know" said attendance was estimated to be 8,500 and the show to be scaled back. This means, if new estimates are correct there were about 11,000 there meaning there was a walk up crowd of 2,500.

This would bode well for the tour. I'll be curious to see how the attendance goes in other larger centers.
the estaimated attendence did not include a potential strong walk up. rockstar77 works at the garden and there was probley 11,000 at the show so his 8500 estimate on fryday was correct.kiss got a nice walk up of a few thousand!!