Official KISS Replica Costumes are coming...

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Official KISS Replica Costumes are coming...

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Hey Everyone,


KISS REPLICAS is your source for Officially Licensed High End KISS Replica Costumes under license by Epic Rights.

Link to Licensemag article here: ... iss-roster

http://WWW.KISSREPLICAS.COM **Website is under construction!!**

Licensed KISS Costumes, Armor, Platform Boots and KISS Accessories all produced by UD Replicas, the licensed division Universal Designs Ltd.
Product breakdown will consist of High End KISS Costume Replicas of their stage wore costumes.

1974 – Present Day.
All band members Demon, Starchild, Spaceman, Catman consisting of the following:

Costume Armor Parts, Spandex Costumes (tops, leggings), Platform Boots, Jackets, and accessories such as Demon Wings, Cod Pieces, Capes, and Gloves.

Officially Licensed High End KISS Costumes are coming....and they're unlike anything you've ever seen!
Keep an eye on the website as it will go live very soon!


Rock On Everyone!
David Pea
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