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The original Spaceman electrifies with a solid 11-track offering…

There has been some suggestion, in the run up to the release of 10,000 Volts, that Ace Frehley is essentially a guest on his own album. By his own admission, noted in an interview with Chaoszine’s Marko Syrjälä, “Typically, after … Continue reading

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That’s it? A Crummy Commercial?!

It’s Sunday, December 10, and I’ve overslept. As a result, the rest of the day is going to feel off-kilter, so what better time to exhale and look back at what took place a week ago. I’ve had numerous chats, … Continue reading

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Review: Off the Soundboard – Live in Poughkeepsie, NY 1984

Street date: Apr. 7, 2023 Formats:• Digital Download /Streaming• Single CD• 2-LP standard black vinyl• Limited edition 2-LP 180g custard yellow vinyl LP The fifth installment in Kiss’s “Off the Soundboard” series is one of staggering importance to the celebration … Continue reading

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Review: Creatures of the Night 40th Anniversary Edition, the music!

Kiss supersizes their most bombastic 1980’s release with a deluxe treatment that features over 5-and-a-half hours of music and a Santa sack of goodies… But after all the word salad, how does what matters the most (to me) on the … Continue reading

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Review: Destroyer 45th Anniversary Edition, The Vaults Are Opened (Finally)!

The vaults finally open and Kiss and Universal Music unleash the studio album that firmly established Kiss as superstars, with a little help from the magic of Bob Ezrin. Packed with hours of alternative versions plus an exquisite new surround … Continue reading

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Review: Paul Stanley’s Soul Station

I wasn’t sure if I was going to review Paul Stanley’s Soul Station. Frankly, the music he’s been covering really isn’t in my wheelhouse. I’ve heard some of the original tracks over the years, hell, it’s hard not to have. … Continue reading

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Review: Peter Criss @ the Cutting Room

Criss’ Final KISS Exhilarates When I was told that Peter Criss would be performing his final U.S. live performance it wasn’t an immediate decision for fly cross-coast for the gig. But, Peter Criss performing his farewell in his hometown of … Continue reading

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