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Mercury/Universal Music Group B0002549-02 (USA, 6/15/2004)

01. Creatures Of The Night (4:05) - Stanley/Mitchell
02. I Love It Loud (4:18) - Simmons/Cusano
03. Lick It Up (3:58) - Stanley/Vincent
04. All Hell's Breakin' Loose (4:35) - Carr/Stanley/Simmons/Vincent
05. Heaven's On Fire (3:23) - Stanley/Child
06. Thrills In The Night (4:24) - Stanley/Beauvoir
07. Tears Are Falling (3:56) - Stanley
08. Uh! All Night (4:03) - Stanley/Child/Beauvoir
09. Crazy Crazy Nights (3:48) - Stanley/Mitchell
10. Reason To Live (4:01) - Stanley/Child
11. Hide Your Heart (4:25) - Stanley/Child/Knight
12. Forever (3:49) - Stanley/Bolton

Compilation produced by Bill Levenson. Mastered by Suha Gur and Universal Mastering Studios, New York City, NY. Production manager: Shannon Steckloff. Another compilation, this time a second installment in Universal's "20th Century Masters" collection, covering singles (or in some cases videos) released during the 1980s. This package was reissued (or also issued) as part of the "Low-priced" series with a new matrix number, though the booklet and CD are the same as the previous issue.

Did not chart in the USA.

Had sold 97,000 by March 2012 according to SoundScan.


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