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Clear Channel Entertainment (USA, 2004)

Wide variation in tracks.

"Instant Live" CDs were issued from the following shows, during the 2004 "Rock The Nation" Tour:

01. 2004-06-10, Selma (San Antonio), TX
Includes: "C'mon And Love Me," "Cold Gin," "Parasite," and "She."
02. 2004-06-11, Dallas, TX
Includes: "Cold Gin" and "Parasite."
03. 2004-06-12, The Woodlands (Houston), TX
Includes: "Parasite."
04. 2004-06-16, Albuquerque, NM
Includes: "Parasite."
05. 2004-06-18, Phoenix, AZ
Includes: "Parasite."
06. 2004-06-19, Irvine, CA
Includes: "Parasite."
07. 2004-06-20, Concord, CA
Includes: "All The Way" and "Parasite."
08. 2004-06-22, Ridgefield (Portland), WA
Includes: "Love Her All I Can" and "Parasite."
09. 2004-06-26, Somerset, WI
Includes: "Love Her All I Can" and "Parasite."
10. 2004-06-27, Bonner Springs, KS
Includes: "Tears Are Falling."
11. 2004-06-28, Maryland Heights (St. Louis), MO
12. 2004-06-30, Clarkston (Detroit), MI
Includes: "I Stole Your Love."
13. 2004-07-02, Antioch (Nashville), TN
14. 2004-07-03, Noblesville (Indianapolis), IN
15. 2004-07-04, Burgettstown (Pittsburgh), PA
16. 2004-07-07, Milwaukee, WI
17. 2004-07-09, Tinley Park (Chicago), IL
Includes: "Psycho Circus."
18. 2004-07-10, Columbus, OH
19. 2004-07-11, Cincinnati, OH
20. 2004-07-13, Camden, NJ
21. 2004-07-14, Darien Center, NY
22. 2004-07-16, Mansfield (Boston), MA
23. 2004-07-17, Atlantic City, NJ
24. 2004-07-18, Hershey, PA
25. 2004-07-21, Wantagh (Jones Beach), NY
26. 2004-07-23, Scranton, PA
27. 2004-07-24, Bristow (Washington DC), VA
Includes: "All The Way," "Love Her All I Can," "Psycho Circus," and "Parasite."
28. 2004-07-25, Virginia Beach, VA
Includes: "Tears Are Falling," "She," "Psycho Circus," and "King Of The Night Time World."
29. 2004-07-27, Raleigh, NC
30. 2004-07-28, Charlotte, NC
31. 2004-07-30, West Palm Beach, FL
Paul's heat related issues limit his involvement on a couple of songs.
32. 2004-08-03, Pelham (Birmingham), AL

Only notable setlist changes are noted here, for full show set lists check the "Tour Stats" page. Some venues/shows, not owned/promoted by Clear Channel Entertainment were not recorded, in addition to some technical issues preventing the recording of some other dates.

These releases were not eligible for the charts.


CD sets were issued in double-CD digipak format using pre-printed CD media. Covers had transparent stickers used for the venue, and disc track-listings were made available from the Instant Live website which could be printed by the purchaser and attached to the back of the package.

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