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Mercury 846-766-2 (USA, 10/90)

01. "KISS" (Mercury/PolyGram 824-146-2)
02. "HOTTER THAN HELL" (Mercury/PolyGram 824-147-2)
03. "DRESSED TO KILL" (Mercury/PolyGram 824-148-2)
04. "DESTROYER" (Mercury/PolyGram 824-149-2)

The only official US Box Set for many years, though it was extremely rare as it was limited to around 1,000 copies. But it is also very boring, the CDs are normal issue CDs in a translucent clear plastic case with a sticker proclaiming "First KISS." This ultimately makes the collection a very expensive piece of plastic. Shells came in a variety of colors: Clear, purple, green, yellow...

Green Packaging

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