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Casablanca NBL-5/8/P-7016 (USA, 3/19/1975)

A1. Room Service (2:59) - Stanley | LYRICS
A2. Two Timer (2:48) - Simmons | LYRICS
A3. Ladies In Waiting (2:32) - Simmons | LYRICS
A4. Getaway (2:44) - Frehley | LYRICS
A5. Rock Bottom (3:55) - (Intro: Frehley) Stanley | LYRICS
B1. C'mon And Love Me (2:59) - Stanley | LYRICS
(USA 7/75, did not chart)
B2. Anything For My Baby (2:34) - Stanley | LYRICS
B3. She (4:08) - Simmons/Coronel | LYRICS
B4. Love Her All I Can (2:41) - Stanley | LYRICS
B5. Rock And Roll All Nite (2:49) - Simmons/Stanley | LYRICS
(USA #68, 5/75)

Produced by Neil Bogart and Kiss. Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, NY, during February 1975. Engineered and mixed by Dave Wittman and George Lopez. "Dressed To Kill," originally intended to be called "Kiss at Midnight" (Gooch, Suhs - KISS Alive Forever) which would have been an interesting title, since Paul was being given plenty of Gibson "Midnight Special" (1974 L6-S) guitars for smashing purposes at the time. Note the album cover design with one of the "KISS"'s spelt "KIS" to allow for the alignment of the top border!

Ladies In Waiting - Gene Simmons on guitar
C'mon And Love Me - Paul Stanley on lead guitar on intro

USA Chart Peak (USA): #32 (6/14/75) with 29 weeks on charts. Other countries: CAN #56 (1976);

First Charting:

Second Charting:

USA: "Dressed To Kill" was certified Gold by the RIAA on 2/28/1977. It has never been recertified, but has sold over 214,000 (3/12) copies since the SoundScan era commenced in 1991.

The final of the core trio of albums is the first of the KISS albums to have not been fully performed. Even with Wicked Lester leftovers "She" and "Love Her All I Can" having been performed at KISS' first ever gig, on January 30, 1973, "Anything for My Baby" remains neglected (even with partial attempts in 1995 & 2011). "C'mon And Love Me" was the first "new" song added to the set in March 1975. "Room Service" followed in April; and "Rock Bottom" and "Rock And Roll All Nite" in May. "Ladies In Waiting" received some attention during the "Alive!" tour in late-1975, but never became a staple. The final two songs, "Two Timer" and "Getaway," were debuted properly on the KISS Kruise of 2011

1st Pressing Center-Rings (USA)

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