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Casablanca NBL-5/8/P-7100 (USA, 4/2/1978)

A1. Strutter '78 (3:41) - Simmons/Stanley | LYRICS
(USA 4/78, did not chart; AUZ #89)
A2. Do You Love Me? (3:33) - Fowley/Ezrin/Stanley | LYRICS »
A3. Hard Luck Woman (3:24) - Stanley | LYRICS »
A4. Calling Dr. Love (3:20) - Simmons | LYRICS »
A5. Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll (2:15) - Simmons/Stanley | LYRICS »
B1. Love Gun (3:27) - Stanley | LYRICS »
B2. God Of Thunder (4:30) - Stanley | LYRICS »
B3. Firehouse (3:20) - Stanley | LYRICS »
B4. Hotter Than Hell (3:30) - Stanley | LYRICS »
B5. I Want You (3:02) - Stanley | LYRICS »
C1. Deuce (3:02) - Simmons | LYRICS »
C2. 100,000 Years (3:24) - Simmons/Stanley | LYRICS »
C3. Detroit Rock City (3:35) - Stanley/Ezrin | LYRICS »
C4. Rock Bottom Intro (0:52) - Frehley | LYRICS »
C5. She (4:34) - Simmons/Coronel | LYRICS »
C6. Rock And Roll All Nite (2:45) - Simmons/Stanley | LYRICS »
D1. Beth (2:45) - Criss/Penridge/Ezrin | LYRICS »
D2. Makin' Love (3:12) - Stanley/Delaney | LYRICS »
D3. C'mon And Love Me (2:54) - Stanley | LYRICS »
D4. Cold Gin (4:31) - Frehley | LYRICS »
D5. Black Diamond (4:14) - Stanley | LYRICS »

Produced by KISS and Sean Delaney. Executive producer: Jimmy Ienner. Casablanca PR indicated that the purpose of this compilation was to collect material from KISS albums that had all sold "Double Platinum." This smacks of typical Neil Bogart hype! According to Dale Sherman, in his book "Black Diamond," twenty-two tracks would be sent to England for remixing for the album, though only 21 would be used (the B-side of the "Strutter '78" single, "Shock Me," is identical to the version used on the "Christine Sixteen" single and is NOT remixed). Only the major remixes are noted here, the rest of the tracks are in a format similar to their original release. The album package included a "platinum" award and merchandise form. In 1997 the US got a beautiful foil digipak remaster. Other countries were not so lucky with the packaging, especially the awful European Remaster cover. A limited edition (2,000 copies) silver vinyl pressing was issued in Germany in 2019 utilizing the 1982 design which included 1979 band photos in the grey-printed gatefold.

The Australian Version...
The Australian version, released through Casablanca/Astor in 1978, is another rare collectible. Usually Astor used covers imported from the United States on their domestic releases, however during the release of Double Platinum they ran out of these covers and decided to print their own. Unfortunately, their covers were not very faithful to the original and Casablanca in the US demanded their withdrawl, thus few of these "different" covers made it into circulation. Fans also seem to collect peeled covers which have had the foil deliberately removed...

Chart Peak (USA): #22 (6/30/78) with 24 weeks on charts. Other countries: CAN #15;

"Double Platinum" was certified gold and platinum by the RIAA on 5/16/78. It has sold over 522,000 (3/12) copies since the SoundScan era commenced in 1991. The album was certified gold by the CRIA (Canada) for sales of 50,000 copies on 6/1/78. The album was certified gold by the ARIA (Australia) for sales of 20,000 copies in October 1978.

Platinum Award: Front | Back
Merchandise form: Front | Back
Generic Inner Dust Sleeve
Cover credits sticker
Center rings: Canada | UK | US | '85 US
So-called UK red vinyl
UK "Ugly" Remaster

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