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Casablanca NBL-5/8/P-7025 (USA, 3/15/1976)

A1. Detroit Rock City (5:20) - Stanley/Ezrin | LYRICS
(USA 8/14/76, did not chart; GER #14)
A2. King Of The Night Time World (3:13) - Fowley/Anthony/Stanley/Ezrin | LYRICS
A3. God Of Thunder (4:13) - Stanley | LYRICS
A4. Great Expectations (4:21) - Simmons/Ezrin | LYRICS
B1. Flaming Youth (2:55) - Frehley/Simmons/Stanley/Ezrin | LYRICS
(USA #74, 6/5/76; CAN #73)
B2. Sweet Pain (3:20) - Simmons | LYRICS
B3. Shout It Out Loud (2:50) - Simmons/Stanley/Ezrin | LYRICS
(USA #31, 3/20/76; AUZ #14; CAN #1; GER #32; NZD #40; SWE #16)
B4. Beth (2:45) - Criss/Penridge/Ezrin | LYRICS
(USA #7, 9/4/76; AUZ #79; CAN #5)
B5. Do You Love Me (3:33) - Fowley/Ezrin/Stanley | LYRICS
B6. Rock And Roll Demons (1:25) - Simmons/Stanley/Ezrin | LYRICS

Produced by Bob Ezrin. Recorded at Record Plant Studios, New York City, NY; September 1975 to February 1976. Engineered and mixed by Jay Messina and Corky Stasiak. Orchestration on "Great Expectations" and "Beth" arranged and conducted by Bob Ezrin and H.A. MacMillan. B6 title as noted from a test-pressing.

Beth - Dick Wagner on acoustic guitar
Great Expectations - Brooklyn Boys Choir on backing vocals
Detroit Rock City - Paul and Ace share lead guitar, Bob Ezrin as news-reader
** Bob said it was him, Gene has said it was Bob (Regardless of who YOU think it sounds like)
Flaming Youth - Dick Wagner guitar overdubs; Bob Ezrin caliope
Sweet Pain - Dick Wagner on guitar solo; Tasha Thomas & Carl Hall on backing vocals
God Of Thunder - David and Josh Ezrin as kiddie voices

Chart Peak (USA): #11 (5/15/76) with 78 weeks on charts. Other countries: CAN #6; GER #36; SWE #4; UK #22.

First Charting:

Second Charting:

USA: "Destroyer" was certified gold by the RIAA on 4/22/76, platinum on 11/11/76, and double-platinum in 1996. Interestingly, the "double-platinum" certification has appeared and disappeared from the RIAA database on several occasions, before again appearing on 9/9/11. The album has sold over 726,000 (3/12) copies since the SoundScan era commenced in 1991. "Beth" became the band's first gold single being certified on 1/5/77. It was also certified gold in Canada for sales of 5,000 copies on 12/1/76. From the "hype" department: An Aucoin Management ad in Billboard (1/22/77) proclaimed "sold over 1½ million copies and is still selling stronger than ever."

Possibly the "definitive" KISS album, songs were being added to the set even as the band transitioned from the "Alive!" period. "Flaming Youth" and "Shout It Out Loud" were first performed in March 1976. "God of Thunder" followed while the band toured Canada in April; and "Detroit Rock City" was unleashed on Europe in May. When the proper North American tour commenced in July "King of the Night Time World," "Do You Love Me," and "Sweet Pain" were included in the set. However, the latter of those songs would only survive a single performance. With the chart success of "Beth" during the late summer it is not surprising that it was added to the set when the band toured in support of "Rock And Roll Over" in the winter of 1976/7. "Great Expectations" had its single performance (to date) as part of the 2003 Symphony.

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Center-rings: Both sides, silver text | Blue Label Black Text
Japanese Gatefold

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Destroyer Digi Front
Destroyer Digi Front

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The "Destroyer" digipak reissue of 9/16/08 simply includes the 1997 remaster CD in "Eco Friendly" packaging. Kim Fowley's surname is misspelt "Fowler" for the credits on "Do You Love Me."

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