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Collecting KISS cassette tapes (MC5) is definitely a niche area of which there are not a tremendous amount of collectors, but quite an interesting spread of items available of interest. Not least are the alternative Argentinian version of "Revenge," promo cassettes, and single-tape versions of double-albums. And the artwork. We'll attempt to catalogue just what is available. Contributions, comments, clarifications, and collaboration is always welcomed. Please contact the Webmaster

Major Localized Release Series

1. Astor Records - Black labels, 1974-
2. Astor Records - Yellow labels, 197-
3. Astor Records - White labels, 197-

Hotter Than Hell

Black label Astor, distributed by Radio Corporation Pty. Ltd., likely the first issue, and first domestic Australian release by KISS.

White label Astor reissue.


Yellow label Astor, Astor reissue.

Dressed to Kill

Mid-70's mainstream yellow label Astor release.


Black label Astor, probably initial issue.

Yellow label Astor reissue.


Yellow label Astor issue - note the 8-track release code.

Early 1980's mainstram blue-text PolyGram issue. These were later replaced with clear-tape versions.

Rock And Roll Over

Yellow label Astor issue.

Love Gun

Polygram initial reissue.

Alive II

Yellow label Astor issue.

Double Platinum

Yellow label Astor issue.


Yellow label Astor issues.

Black label Astor issue.

Early and late-1980s PolyGram reissues.

Best of the Solo Albums

Standard yellow label Astor version, the final Astor KISS release, replaced by a PolyGram version.


PolyGram issue.

Music From The Elder

PolyGram issue.

KISS Killers

PolyGram issues.

Creatures of the Night

PolyGram issue.

Lick It Up

PolyGram issue.


PolyGram issue.

The Singles

Concept Records issue.


PolyGram issue.

Crazy Nights

Promotional version.

Standard version.

Smashes, Thrashes & Hits

PolyGram issue.

Hot In The Shade

PolyGram issue.


PolyGram issue.

Alive III

PolyGram issue.


PolyGram issue.

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