While the vast majority of these album/12"/7" lists are complete, there are some rather glaring omissions (well, at least to me!). If you are able to "fill in any of the blanks", I'd greatly appreciate you contacting me. This page was born out of a day of boredom where I figured I'd try and track down as many of the Casablanca releases as possible. It later grew to embody quite a bit of information about a diverse series of artists. You may be able to discern the direction this resource is taking... Next to album art and track listings... I am always willing to have contributions or corrections made by others, infact I deem the accuracy of the resource as being of paramount importance. So please feel free to contact me (with cover scans in 150x150 JPEGS ;). I hope to soon be able to give the same attention to the other sections and provide a more indepth history of Neil Bogart's label.


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Assorted other issues:
SPNB-1296 Magic Moments From The Tonight Show Other Casablanca Distributed Labels:

Chocolate City Records
Oasis Records
Millenium Records

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