Casablanca 12" Singles


NBLP-000 From The Casbah (** Promo Only) NBLP-001 Masekela, Hugh: The Boys Doin' It / Mama // Excuse Me Please / A Person Is A Sometime Thing (** Promo Only) NBLP-002 The Disco Kid: The Disco Kid / ? (** Promo Only) NBLP-003


NBX-871 Parliament: Do The Stuff / Handcuffs


NBD-20100 Summer, Donna: Winter Melody NBD-20101 Crocker, Frankie & The Heart And Soul Orchestra: Love In C Minor / (Single-Sided) NBD-20102 James, Jimmy, & The Vagabonds: I Go Where They Take Me / NBD-20103 Parliament: P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up / Swing Down, Sweet Chariot NBD-20104 Summer, Donna: I Feel Love / NBD-20105 Summer, Donna: Je T'aime Moi Non Plus / NBD-20106 NBD-20107 NBD-20108 NBD-20109 Summer, Donna: Selected Tracks From Once Upon A Time NBD-20110 NBD-20111 Costandinos, Alec R.: Romeo & Juliet NBD-20112 Summer, Donna: Rumour Has It / I Love You


NBD-20113 Parliament: Flashlight / NBD-20114 Various Artists: Return To Casablanca Volume I NBD-20115 NBD-20116 Brookes, Patti: After Dark / NBD-20117 Summer, Donna: With Your Love (Single-Sided) NBD-20118 NBD-20119 Sunshine: Take It To The Zoo (Single-Sided) NBD-20120 Marathon: I Wanna Dance / NBD-20121 Love & Kisses: You're The Most Precious Thing In The World (Single-Sided) NBD-20122 Summer, Donna: Last Dance / NBD-20123 Love & Kisses: Thank God It's Friday / NBD-20124 LaRue, D.C.: Do You Want The Real Thing? / NBD-20125 Various Artists: Selected Tracks From Thank God It's Friday OST NBD-20126 NBD-20127 Angel: Radio Concert NBD-20128 KISS: A Taste Of Platinum NBD-20129 Jabara, Paul: Disco Queen (Single-Sided) NBD-20130 Ria, Summer: Golden Tears / NBD-20131 Various Artists: Return To Casablanca Volume II NBD-20132 NBD-20133 Juvet, Patrick: Got A Feeling / (Single-Sided) NBD-20134 Juvet, Patrick: I Love America (Long) / I Love America (3:47 Edit) NBD-20135 Various Artists: Return To Casablanca Volume III NBD-20136 LaRue, D.C.: Let Them / Dance NBD-20137 KISS: Assembled Especially For Radio NBD-20138 The Sylvers: Don't Stop, Get Off / NBD-20139 Space: Deliverance / NBD-20140 Gomez, Leroy: Gypsy Woman / NBD-20141 Jabara, Paul: Pleasure Island / NBD-20142 Brooks, Patti: This Is The House Where Love Died / Heartbreak In Disguise NBD-20143 Costandinos, Alex R.: The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame (Single-Sided) NBD-20144 Village People: Y.M.C.A. / Macho Man // (Single-Sided) NBD-20145 Hallelujah 2000: Hallelujah 2000 (Vocal) / Hallelujah 2000 (Instrumental) NBD-20146 Moroder, Giorgio: The Chase / (Single-Sided) NBD-20147 Parliament: Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)/ (Single-Sided) NBD-20148 Summer, Donna: MacArthur Park Suite NBD-20149 Meco (Monardo): Theme From Superman / NBD-20150 Cher: Take Me Home (Single-Sided) NBD-20151 Ultimate: Medley (Single-Sided) NBD-20152 Orlando, Tony: They're Playing Our Song / NBD-20153 Parker, Ennis: Like And Eagle / New York By Night NBD-20154 NBD-20155 Village People: In The Navy / Manhattan Woman NBD-20156 Space: My Love Is Music (Single-Sided) NBD-20157 Desario, Teri: Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me Away From You /


NBD-20158 Faye, Alma: It's Over / (Short) NBD-20159 Summer, Donna: Hot Stuff / NBD-20160 Juvet, Patrick: Lady Night / Swiss Kiss NBD-20161 Parlet: Ridin' High / (Single-Sided) NBD-20162 Jabara, Paul: Disco Wedding / Honeymoon (In Puerto Rico) NBD-20163 Bad News Travels Fast: A Sign / NBD-20164 Cindy & Roy: Can You Feel It? (Two Versions) NBD-20165 Village People: Go West / In The Navy NBD-20166 Village People: Go West / Citizens Of The World NBD-20167 Summer, Donna: Hot Stuff / Bad Girls NBD-20168 Cher: Take Me Home / Wasn't It Good NBD-20169 KISS: I Was Made For Lovin' You (7:54) / Charisma NBD-20170 Faye, Alma: Don't Fall In Love / It's Over NBD-20171 Scales, Harvey: Rock Your Body / Baby Let's Rock NBD-20172 Meco (Monardo): Moondancer / NBD-20173 Joel Diamond Experience: Music Machine (In And Out) (Single-Sided) NBD-20174 Love & Kisses: You Must Be Love (Single-Sided) NBD-20175 Williams, Robin: 44 Line Sampler NBD-20176 Kickin': Dancin' On Wheels / Love Me Tonight NBD-20177 NBD-20178 Space: Save Your Love For Me NBD-20179 Platypus: Dancing In The Moonlight / Body And Soul NBD-20180 NBD-20181 NBD-20182 Travolta, Joey: I Can't Forget You / What Did Love Ever Do For You? NBD-20183 LaRue, D.C.: Hot Drums And Voodoo Rhythms / On With The Dance NBD-20184 NBD-20185 NBD-20186 Lipps Inc.: Rock it / NBD-20187 Cindy & Roy: Can You Feel It? / While We Still Have Time NBD-20188 Brooks, Pattie: Got Tu Go Disco / (Single-Sided) NBD-20189 Cher: Hell On Wheels / Git Down (Guitar Groupie) NBD-20190 NBD-20191 Costandinos, Alex R.: Synergy / NBD-20192 Richie Family: Put You Feet To The Beat / Bad Reputation NBD-20193 Summer, Donna: Dim All The Lights / NBD-20194 Village People: Save Me / Sleazy (Up Tempo/Mixes) NBD-20195 T.J.M.: Put Yourself In My Shoes / NBD-20196 Mexo (Monardo): Devil Delight / NBD-20197 Reed, Michael J.: Reach Out For Love / NBD-20198 Loose Change: Straight From The Heart / NBD-20199 Summer, Donna & Streisand, Barbara: No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Single-Sided) NBD-20200 Joel Diamond Experience: Tall In The Saddle / Heaven In The Afternoon NBD-20201 Rallo, Tony & The Midnight Band: Burnin' Alive (Single-Sided) NBD-20202 Platypus: Love The Way You Funk / NBD-20203 Village People: Ready For The 80's / (Same) NBD-20204 Nightlife Unlimited: Love Is In You / Dance Freak NBD-20205 Lightning: Disco Symphony / Baby Without Your Love NBD-20206 Cindy & Roy: I Wanna Testify / Changin' Jobs NBD-20207 Lipps Inc.: Funky Town / (Single-Sided) NBD-20208 Parliament: Theme From Black Hole / The Big Bang Theory NBD-20209 Skatt Bros.: Walk The Night / Dancing' For The Man NBD-20210 Platypus: Street Babies /


NBD-20211 Simms, John: That Thang Of Yours / NBD-20212 Various Artists: Foxes Sampler EP NBD-20213 Richie Family: Give Me A Break / NBD-20214 NBD-20215 London, David: Samatha / The Sound Of The City NBD-20216 Simms, John & Arthur: That Thang Of Yours (Single-Sided) NBD-20217 7th Wonder: I Enjoy You / NBD-20218 White, Tony Joe: I Get Off On It (Single-Sided) NBD-20219 Dangerfield, Rodney: No Respect Sampler NBD-20220 Parlet: Wolf Tickets / Help From My Friends NBD-20221 Village People: Can't Stop The Music / Liberation NBD-20222 McGilpin, Bob: Down To The Wire / Chain Reaction NBD-20223 Sylvers, Edmund: That Burning Love (Single-Sided) NBD-20224 Village People: Magic Night / I Love You To Death NBD-20225 Lipps Inc.: How Long? (Single-Sided) NBD-20226 Summer, Donna: Walk Away / NBD-20227 Sylvers, Edmund: Have You Heard The News / You Can Talk About Leaving NBD-20228 People's Choice: My Feet Won't Move, But My Shoes Did The Boogie / You Ought To Be Dancin' NBD-20229 LaRue, D.C.: So Much For L.A. NBD-20230 Lipps Inc.: The Gossip Song / How Long NBD-20231 Dr. Hook: Girls Can Get It NBD-20232 Parliament: Agony Of Defeat / (Single-Sided) NBD-20233


NBD-20234 Mantra: Doin' It To The Bone / NBD-20235 Parliament: Body Language / Crush It NBD-20236 Mantra: Action / NBD-20237 NBD-20238 Lipps Inc.: Hold Me Down / (Same) NBD-20239 Four Tops: Let Me Set You Free / (Same) NBD-20240 Lipps Inc.:.: Designer Music


NBD-20241 Dr. Hook: Baby Make Her Blue Jeans NBD-20242 NBD-20243 Santa Esmarelda: You Are My Everything NBD-20244 Mills, Stephanie: Last Night / (Same) NBD-20245 Springfield, Dusty: Donnez-Moi NBD-20246 Heavyhands Band: Heavyhands / (Instrumental)


NBD-20247 Rags & Riches: Medley El Watus / La Bamba NBD-20248 Cara, Irene: Flashdance - What A Feeling (Remix) / What A Feeling (Instrumental) NBD-20249 Sembello, Michael: Maniac (Vocal) / Maniac (Instrumental)

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