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Long Form Videos

video cover video cover KISS: ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED

RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video RCA-60445 (US, 4/19/85)
Embassy Home Video EV-5606 (UK, 1985)
Pioneer Artists Laserdisc SMO373331 (Japan, 1985)
RIAA: Platinum
    01. Detroit Rock City
    02. Cold Gin
    03. Creatures Of The Night
    04. Fits Like A Glove
    05. Heaven's On Fire
    06. Thrills In The Night
    07. Under The Gun
    08. War Machine
    09. Young And Wasted
    10. I Love It Loud
    11. I Still Love You
    12. Love Gun
    13. Lick It Up
    14. Black Diamond
    15. Rock And Roll All Nite
Recorded during the Animalize Tour at Detroit's Cobo Hall (KISS' second home!) on December 8, 1984, it was originally aired by MTV concerts. Japanese Laserdisc has 19 tracks listed which include solos & intro rather than any additional songs. Produced by Paul Weaver. Directed by Keefe. Click on cover for large scan.


Worldvision Home Video 9089 (US, 4/86)
Goodtimes Home Video (US, 1988)
48CD-501 (Japan)
Executive Producer Joseph Barbera, Produced by Terry Morse, Jr. and Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. Directed by Gordon Hessler. Filmed at Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA, May - June 1978. Live segments filmed at Magic Mountain on May 19, 1978. Mad Scientist played by Anthony Zerba. Features a song called "Rip And Destroy which is "Hotter Than Hell" with different lyrics. The movie premiered on October 28, 1978 on NBC gaining massive viewing ratings. Click on cover for a short clip.

video cover KISS: EXPOSED

PolyGram Video 041489/080101 (US, 5/18/86)
Chennal-5/PolyGram Video (UK)
RIAA: Platinum
    01. Who Wants To Be Lonely (Video, 1986)
    02. Uh! All Night (Video, 1986)
    03. I Love It Loud (Live, 1983 - Rio De Janerio, Brazil)
    04. Deuce (Live, 11/24/74 - San Francisco, CA)
    05. Strutter (Live, 1976 - Houston)
    06. Beth (Live, 9/77 -Houston)
    07. Detroit Rock City (Live, 1980 - Australia)
    08. Tears Are Falling (Video, 1985)
    09. Lick It Up (Video, 1983)
    10. All Hell's Breakin' Loose (Video, 1984)
    11. I Love It Loud (Video, 1982)
    12. I Stole Your Love (Live, 9/77 - Houston)
    13. Heaven's On Fire (Video, 1984)
    14. Ladies' Room (Live, 9/77 - Houston)
    15. Rock And Roll All Nite (Live, 1980 - Australia)
    16. Black Diamond (Live, 1983 - Brazil)
Compilation of videos and rare live performances mixed in with an goofy interviewer a monkey and plenty of half-dressed women! Filmed at Grey Hall, Beverly Hills, CA. Click on cover for large scan.

[] video cover KISS: CRAZY NIGHTS

PolyGram Video 080-301-3 (US, 3/88)
RIAA: Gold
    01. Crazy Crazy Nights [3:45] - (Video, 1987)
    02. Reason To Live [3:59] - (Video, 1987)
    03. Turn On The Night [3:19] - (Video, 1988)
Compilation of the three videos from the Crazy Nights album. Click on cover for large scan.


I.S. #? (US, 1990)
Contained a variety of interview clips from the mid-1980's, plus the infamous Tom Synder interview from 1979. Remastered and reissued as "HELL IN THE ASYLUM" on Caroline Imports.

video cover video cover KISS: X-TREME CLOSE-UP

PolyGram Video 440-085-395-1/3 (US, 7/92)
RIAA: Gold
    01. PolyGram KISS commercial (1992)
    02. Unholy (Video, 1992)
    03. Sure Know Something (Video excerpt, 1979)
    04. Watchin' You (Live excerpt, 1975)
    05. Cadillac High School visit newsreel (1976)
    06. Black Diamond (Live Excerpt, 1976)
    07. Australian 60 Minutes (Segment, 1980)
    08. Cold Gin (Live excerpt, 1975)
    09. Deuce (Live excerpt, 1976)
    10. 100,000 Years (Live excerpt, 1976)
    11. Let Me Go, Rock And Roll (Live excerpt, 1976)
    12. Beth (Live excerpt, 1977)
    13. God of Thunder (Live excerpt, 1977)
    14. Black Diamond (Live excerpt, 1977)
    15. Love 'Em And Leave 'Em (Video, 1976)
    16. Hard Luck Woman (Video, 1976)
    17. Kiss dolls commercial (1978)
    18. Kiss comics newsreel (1977)
    19. I Stole Your Love (Live excerpt, 1978)
    20. Rock And Roll All Nite (movie opening sequence, 1978)
    21. Phantom sequence, 1978
    22. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Video excerpt, 1979)
    23. A World Without Heroes (Video excerpt, 1981)
    24. Creatures Of The Night (Excerpt, 1982)
    25. Calling Dr. Love (Live excerpt, 1983)
    26. War Machine (Live excerpt, 1983)
    27. Lick It Up (Video excerpt, 1983)
    28. Let's Put The X In Sex (Video excerpt, 1988)
    29. Rise To It (Video, 1989)
    30. Hide Your Heart ("Censored Edit" Video, 1989)
    31. Forever (Video, 1989)
    32. I Just Wanna (Video excerpt, 1992)
    33. God Gave Rock And Roll To You II (Over closing credits)
Tracks 15 & 16 from Don Krishner's Rock Concert. Track 19 from the Magic Mountain show filmed for KISS meet the phantom of the park. Track 24 from Rockpop TV, UK. Tracks 25 & 26 from Maracana Stadium, June 1983. An extremely mislabelled product with many things appearing which were not listed on the packaging (same person as Alive III?)...

video cover video cover KISS: KONFIDENTIAL

PolyGram Video 440-087-603-1/3 (US, 6/20/93)
RIAA: Gold
    01. Creatures Of The Night
    02. Deuce
    03. I Just Wanna
    04. Unholy
    05. Heaven's On Fire
    06. 100,000 Years (Detroit, 1/25/1976)
    07. Nothin' To Lose (San Francisco, 1975)
    08. Hotter Than Hell (Detroit, 1976)
    09. Let Me Go, Rock And Roll (Japan, 1977)
    10. Domino
    11. Lick It Up
    12. Forever
    13. Take It Off
    14. I Love It Loud
    15. God Gave Rock And Roll To You II
    16. Star Spangled Banner
Recorded live in Detroit, MI, Indianapolis, IN, and Cleveland, OH, on November 27 - 29, 1992. The audio track is the same as that on Alive III. Click on cover for large scan.

video cover KISS MY ASS

PolyGram Video 800-632-349-1/3 (US, 8/94)
RIAA: Gold
    01. Parasite (Live, 1975)
    02. Do You Love Me (Live, 1977)
    03. Radioactive (Live, 1979)
    04. Move On (Live, 1979)
    05. Kiss dolls commercial (1978)
    06. America's Top-10 interview (1981)
    07. Love Gun (Live, 1992)
    08. New York Groove (Live, 1979)
    09. Kiss radio commercial (1977)
    10. Saturday Night Live sketch (1977)
    11. Kiss Your Face commercial (1978)
    12. She (Anthrax, 1994 - CLIP)
    13. Dick Clark's Golden Greats (Segment, 1986)
    14. Makin' Love (Live, 1977)
    15. Christine Sixteen (Gin Blossoms, 1994 - CLIP)
    16. Rock And Roll Over commercial (1976)
    17. Double Platinum commercial (Outtake, 1978)
    18. Channel 6 French TV (Segment, 1989)
    19. I Love It Loud (Italian TV, 1982)
    20. Alive II commercial (1977)
    21. C'mon And Love Me (Live, 1976)
    22. Late Night with Conan O'Brien (Segment, 1993)
    23. Dynasty album/tour commercial (Excerpt, 1979)
    24. Hooligan (Live, 1977)
    25. Shock Me (Live, 1977)
    26. I (Studio 54, 1981)
    27. Take Me (Rehearsal, 1976)
    28. Hotter Than Hell (Commercial, 1974)
    29. WOR-TV (News segment, 1993)
    30. Solo albums (Commercial, 1978)
    31. She (Live, 1976)
    32. Black Diamond (Live, 1976)
Video edited by Jerry Behrens and Kiss. Tracks 03, 04, and 08 live at the Capitol Center, Largo, MD. The concet was aired on HBO at the time. Again, the product is badly labelled with several items appearing which are not mentioned on the packaging. Click on cover for large scan.


Rock Steady Productions 516-588-6600 (US, 4/95)
    01. C'mon And Love Me (Video, 1975)
    02. Rock and Roll Over (Commercial 1, 1976)
    03. Love Gun (Commercial, 1977)
    04. Alive II promo with excerpts
    05. Alive II (Commercial 1, 1977)
    06. Alive II (Commercial 2, 1977)
    07. Double Platinum (Commercial, 1978)
    08. Solo Albums (Commercial, 1978)
    09. Dynasty (Commercial 1, 1979)
    10. Dynasty (Commercial 2, 1979)
    11. Dynasty tour promo with excerpts
    12. Sure Know Something (Video, 1979)
    13. Casablanca Newsreel on solo albums release (1979)
Details visual media of Casablanca's stars of the 1970's. While half of the video is dedicated to KISS, it also features The Village People, Donna Summer and Parliament, other big sellers on the label. The quality of some items is superior to those appearing on some KISS issued videos. It's still a bootleg though!


PolyGram Video 800-638-258-1/3 (US, 3/12/96)
RIAA: Gold
    01. Comin' Home
    02. Plaster Caster
    03. Goin' Blind
    04. Do You Love Me
    05. Domino
    06. Got to Choose
    07. Sure Know Something
    08. A World Without Heroes
    09. Rock Bottom
    10. See You Tonite
    11. I Still Love You
    12. Everytime I Look at You
    13. 2,000 Man
    14. Beth
    15. Nothin' to Lose
    16. Rock And Roll All Nite
Produced by Alex Coletti. Directed by Joe Perota. In addition to the unplugged performance the video contains interviews, outtakes and backstage and behind the scenes footage, plus some material from KISS' Konvention tour. The material was filmed at Sony Studios, NYC, on August 9, 1996 for the MTV Unplugged broadcast. Phil Ashley plays piano, and the strings are arranged and conducted by Jon Grindstaff. Apx. 85 Minutes.

video cover KISS OF DEATH

Startalk 049 (UK, 1996)
    01. Gene on the Mike Douglas Show, 1974
    02. Super Max Detroit TV Report, Jan. 1976
    03. Veronica's Countdown, Knoxville, TN, 1979
    04. Dynasty Era TV Report re: Merchandising
    05. Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telephon Appearance, 1979
    06. Seattle TV Report, 1979
    07. Interview with Pixie, Wardrobe Manager, 1979
    08. Los Angeles TV Interview, 1979
    09. Euro Headbanger's Ball Report/Interview, 1992
Running Time - 57:20; More interviews. Click on cover for large scan.


Caroline Imports Star-027 (UK, 1996)
    01. Metal Hammer Interview w/ Gene & Paul (UK, 1988)
    02. Interview with Ace and John Regan (UK, 1988)
    03. TV Report on Crazy Nights (USA, 1987)
    04. TV Interview w/ Gene & Paul (UK, 1987)
    05. Interview w/ Gene & Paul (Sweden, 1984)
    06. Interview w/ Paul (Canada, 1989)
    07. Calendar Friday Interview w/ Gene & Paul (UK, 10/21/83)
    08. B/W Interview w/ Gene, Paul, Vinnie, & Eric (Sweden, 1983)
    09. Interview w/ Gene, Paul, Vinnie, & Eric (USA, 1982)
Running Time - 51:00; Interview footage of varying quality. Includes the "Vinnie's heart lies in Brooklyn" clip (9). Click on cover for large scan.


Caroline Imports FILE06 (UK, 1997)
    01. June 17, 1994: Paul, Gene, and Police raid the Detroit Convention.
    02. June 17, 1994: Paul & Gene Q&A at Detroit after raid.
    03. Peter Criss Q & A
    04. Newsclipping segements
    05. Interviews
Running Time - 58:43; The Detroit Konvention. Click on cover for large scan.


Caroline Imports Star-032 (UK, 1996)

Rare and fan footage of varying quality.

video cover HELL IN THE ASYLUM

Caroline Imports (UK, ?)

Remastered version of the Interview Sessions. Spurious picture of Bill Sabetta from the tribute band Strutter on the cover.

video cover PSYCHO CIRCUS

PolyGram Video 440-010-100-0 (USA, 10/98)
RIAA: Platinum
    01. Psycho Circus 3-D Video
    02. Psycho Circus Video
The CD-Single Video Package. Includes bonus CD, with four different designs, with enhanced material. See US promotional CD singles for details.

video cover SECOND COMING

PolyGram Video 440-059-175-3 (USA, 11/24/98)
RIAA: Platinum

Double cassette with booklet featuring lots of special material from the Reunion.

video cover UNAUTHORIZED

Creative Worx 63300-5991-3 (USA, 2000)

   Directed by: Jack Sawyers
   Produced by: Bud Brutsman

"Hot In The Shade" era public domain stuff.


Creative Worx 44020-3 (USA, 2001)

More public domain stuff and other fan 'stuff'.

Ace Frehley Videos

video cover FREHLEY'S COMET: LIVE + 4

Atlantic Video 50131-3 (US, 1988)

   01. Rip It Out
   02. Something Moved
   03. Cold Gin
   04. Shock Me
   05. Breakout  
   06. Rocket Ride
   07. Into The Night
   08. Rock Soldiers
   09. Insane
   10. It's Over Now

Tracks 01 - 06 are live, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, England on March 19, 1988. Tracks 07 - 10 are the video releases. Click on cover for large scan.


Rock Soldiers Fan Club (US, 1994)
Produced by: David Streicher
Video Coordinator: Gordon G. G. Gebert

   01. Shock Me
   02. Rip It Out
   03. Rocket Ride
   04. Breakout
   05. Cold Gin
   06. New York Groove
   07. Parasite
   08. Shot Full of Rock
   09. Rock Soldiers

Available only to members of Ace's fan club, Rock Soldiers. The tracks were filmed during Ace's "Just 4 Fun Tour", in Spring, 1993, interspaced with an Ace interview...

Vinnie Vincent Videos

METAL TECH VOLUME V: Style, Speed & Phrasing

DCI Music Video R-1427 (JAP)
REH Video REH808 (USA)
    Executive Producer: Roger Hutchinson
    Produced by: Martin Mayo
    Directed by: Steve Trauito & Keith Wyatt

Bruce Kulick Videos

[Vid Cover!] [Vid Shot!] HOT LICKS - Bruce Kulick Of KISS: Rock Guitar Masterclass

Hot Licks VGK-119 (USA, 198?)

   Directed by: Mark Kaplan
   Produced by: Arlen Roth

Apparently, still available, try www.hotlicks.com - Click on cover for large scan. This is, from a guitarist's point-of-view, a fantastic guitar video class. Bruce explains his technique, and with material from Asylum, what could be better! There is also some great KISS clips included in the video. Click on screenshot for a short clip...

[Vid Cover!] CLASSIC ALBUMS - MEATLOAF: Bat Out Of Hell

Rhino Home Video R3-2699 (USA, 1999)

   Directed by: Bob Smeaton
   Produced by: Nick De Grunwald

Bruce (and Bob) show up in clips from the Bat Out Of Hell era tour TV appearances and other stuff. Still, this is a killer album well worth watching a documentary about...

Eric Carr Videos

Eric Singer Videos