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LW Editora DVDS-002 (Brazil, 2003)

Shot with 11 cameras! Live at Cabo Hall, Detroit, 1984. This is little more than a semi-official (and doubtful at that) DVD conversion of the Japanese Laserdisc with Brazilian sub-titles. People kept buggin' me to add this, but I still don't consider it official...

    01. Introduction
    02. Detroit Rock City
    03. Cold Gin
    04. Creatures of the Night
    05. Fits Like a Glove
    06. Heaven's on Fire
    07. Thrills in the Night
    08. Guitar Solo
    09. Under the Gun
    10. War Machine
    11. Drums Solo
    12. Young and Wasted
    13. Bass Guitar Solo
    14. I Love It Loud
    15. I Still Love You
    16. Love Gun
    17. Lick It Up
    18. Black Diamond
    19. Rock and Roll All Nite