With Kiss, little is ever ultimately carved in stone, or straight-forward. Until you have product in your hands (or ears), nothing is confirmed or absolute. The purpose of this page is to track quotes and mentions of the currently considered new Kiss studio recording. We're only going to track quotes directly attributed to those in the band regarding that possible new album:

Paul: "There might even be a new KISS album at some point. I have been ambivalent to the idea in the past but Iím much more open to it now... Well, I thought that I'd be content for KISS to remain a heritage act, just playing our greatest hits Ė Detroit Rock City and all that. But the new KISS line-up with Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums) is proving to be so good, so strong in spirit, it would interesting to see how we perform in the studio. I must stress that no recording time has been booked at this point. But it if we were to go into the studio, the intention would be to make a KISS album in the style of our 1970s recordings. A classic KISS album, unmistakably" (Classic Rock Magazine, Jan. 2009 Issue).

Paul: "Actually, it looks like weíll be going in the studio shortly to do the first new KISS album in 10 years. Itís going to be very much a vintage, classic, '70s KISS album without much regard to what's happened since then; it's back to the roots." Ask Men, (11/28/08).

Paul: "There'll be another Kiss tour, we'll do another album and go back out on the road and do a big American tour; another European tour; a South American tour. It just never stops" (KUSI, San Diego, 12/9/08).

Stanley tells Askmen.com, "It's going to be very much a vintage, classic, 70s Kiss album without much regard to what's happened since then; it's back to the roots." (Contact Music, 12/14/08).

Other articles relating to the project:

"As for his day job with KISS, Simmons confirms the veteran glam-rockers are writing songs for a new album that he expects they will record next year and release next summer. KISS singer-guitarist Paul Stanley will produce the disc. The band will follow the albumís release with a limited tour" (Winnipeg Sun, 11/27/08).

Kiss Making First Album Since 1998 (Billboard, 12/10/08).