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Guitar Maker Ed Roman Passes

Guitar Maker Ed Roman Passes

Richie Scarlet and Ace Frehley with Ed Roman, circa 2000

Guitar maker and luthier Ed Roman recently passed away, according to an official announcement on his website.

"It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ed Roman," reads the statement. "We will remember him fondly and are keeping his legacy alive."

Roman worked with a variety of artists during his career, including Ted Nugent, George Lynch, Billy Gibbons, Keith Urban, and Rick Derringer, among others. With regard to KISS, Roman worked with Ace Frehley as far back as 1989, performing some modifications to one of his Les Pauls. He also built a replica of Ace Frehley's Washburn AF 40 guitar. Roman once described Frehley as "probably the most influential guitarist in the history of the world."

Dating back to the mid-'90s, Roman also collaborated with Vinnie Vincent on a VV-designed guitar, until negotiations broke down between the parties. "Vinnie is a excellent musician who penned some of my favorite Kiss Tunes," said Roman. "I am and always will be a fan of Vinnie's work but working with Vinnie was very unproductive for us."

You can find more information on Roman's VV-inspired guitar, in addition to his personal thoughts on Vinnie Vincent, HERE.