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"I" being played on the Kruise...



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Might as well be the Admin!
Might as well be the Admin!

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Post Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:36 pm

Re: "I" being played on the Kruise...

Crown Royal wrote:
Crimson Harpoon wrote:
redinthesky wrote:Probably not. It was a great setlist Kiss came up with, and since they did "The Oath" a number of years back on the Kruise, "I" seemed like the next logical "Elder" choice.

For a live setting and considering KISS' style?.. Yes.

As for the song itself... Worst song on the album. I'd rather listen to Fanfare than I.

It's corny (yes, even for a KISS song), but the thing that attracted me to the song is the "chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga" guitar throughout.

Leave it to Kiss to write a corny, sappy song, but that actually rocks (I like it a lot).


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Spends too much time FAQ'ing off!
Spends too much time FAQ'ing off!

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Post Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:58 pm

Re: "I" being played on the Kruise...

sugardaddy wrote:
crimsonharpoon wrote:Based on the video taken from the Kruise performance that I saw in a thread a few days ago, it sounded great. Hopefully the crowd reaction was strong enough to warrant consideration from G&P for being added to the set for their next tour. Much like SIOL it only requires a half lead vocal from Paul, so certainly something they should keep in mind.

(Not to mention a rockin’ self-empowerment type anthem that the guys excel at...never know...some concert airings might spur a few fans to check out The Elder anew)

i was at night 1. the crowd went apeshit

Anything unexpected elicits that response from me. Saw a Gene solo show in August and he broke our Charisma and Wall Of Sound. No matter what you think of the song or performance that is going apeshit worthy to me. I really like "I". Always have, always will.


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