D   I   S   C   O   G   R   A   P   H   Y

revenge revenge

Release Details:
Mercury/PolyGram 848-037-1/2/4/5 (US, 5/19/92)
PolyGram/Nippon-Phonogram PHCR-36 (Japan, Digipak SE)
PolyGram/Nippon-Phonogram PHCR-1169 (Japan, regular CD)
Universal/Mercury UICY-3859 (Japan, 6/9/05 - Reissue)
Universal Music UICY-6476 (Japan, 10/18/06 - Reissue)
RIAA: Gold
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[See It!] Blue Vinyl Version: "Obi" | Cover Sticker
[Charts] [Album Lyrics]

  A1. Unholy ··· (3:40) - Simmons/Vincent   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A2. Take It Off ··· (4:50) - Stanley/Ezrin/Roberts   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A3. Tough Love ··· (3:44) - Stanley/Kulick/Ezrin   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A4. Spit ··· (3:32) - Simmons/Van Zen/Stanley   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A5. God Gave Rock And Roll To You II ··· (5:18) - Ballard/Stanley/Simmons/Ezrin   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A6. Domino ··· (4:01) - Simmons   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B1. Heart Of Chrome ··· (4:02) - Stanley/Vincent/Ezrin   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B2. Thou Shalt Not ··· (3:59) - Simmons/Damon   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B3. Every Time I Look At You ··· (4:38) - Stanley/Ezrin   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B4. Paralyzed ··· (4:14) - Simmons/Ezrin   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B5. I Just Wanna ··· (4:07) - Stanley/Vincent   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B6. Carr Jam 1981 ··· (2:46) - Carr   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  

Album Notes:
Produced by Bob Ezrin.
Recorded at Rumbo Recorders, Track Records, Cornerstone Recorders, Ocean Way Recording, Acme Recording Studios, The Enterpriseand A&M Studios, December 1991 - March 1992.
Engineered by Chris Steinmetz, Niko Bolas and George Tutko, assisted by Pete Magdaleno, Dick Keneshiro, Bart Stevens, Andy Udoff, Julie Last and Richard Hasai.
Mixed by Mick Guzauski and Rall Rogut at Record One Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

Japanese special edition comes with a 24-page booklet. Eric Carr, by the time that the album was released, had been deceased for 6 months. He appears on track 05, an alternate mix to the song appearing on Bill and Ted, and on Track 12 which was his instrumental jam with Ace, called "Heaven" which was recorded in 1981 and became "Breakout" on Ace's debut solo album. KISS butchered that demo for the 1991 release removing Ace and replacing him with Bruce and cutting out most of the song except for the drum solo.

· Paul Stanley ··· Lead Vocals on A2, A3, A5, B1, B3, & B5/Backing Vocals/Rhythm Guitar.
· Gene Simmons ··· Lead Vocals on A1, A4, A5, B2 & B4/Bass/Backing Vocals.
· Bruce Kulick ··· Lead Guitar/Bass on A3, B3.
· Eric Singer ··· Drums.
· Eric Carr ··· Drums on B6/Backing Vocals on A5.
· Dick Wagner ··· Acoustic guitar solo on B3.
· Kevin Valentine ··· Drums on A2.
· Jesse Damon ··· Backing Vocals.