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Paulie Paulie

Release Details:
Casablanca/Astor NBLP-7123 (Australia, 2/79)
Casablanca/Phonogram 6399-085 (Europe)
Casablanca/Vogue CB-71041 (France, 1978)
Casablanca/Bellaphon NB-7054 (Germany, 1978)
Casablanca/Phonogram 6399-085 (Germany, 1980)
Casablanca/PolyGram LPR-43017 (Mexico, 1978)
Casablanca/Victor VIP-6577 (Japan, 1978)
Casablanca/Victor VIPD-1 (Japan, 1979 - Picture Disc)
Casablanca/Polystar 22S-7 (Japan, 1980)
Polystar R00C-2017 (Japan, 1984)
Polystar (Japan, 1987 - CD Reissue)
Mercury PHCR-4326 (Japan, 1997 - CD Remaster)
Universal/Mercury PHCR-94047 (Japan, 9/19/1998 - Reissue)
Universal/Mercury UICY-3846 (Japan, 6/9/05 - Reissue)
Casablanca NBLP-7123 (US, 9/18/78)
Casablanca NBPIX-7123 (Picture Disc)
Casablanca/PolyGram 826-915-1/2/4 (US Reissue, 5/87, CD, 2/16/88)
Mercury 532-387-2 (US Remaster, 9/16/97)
Lilith LR116LP (Russia, 2006 - Picture Disc)
RIAA: Platinum
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[Album Lyrics]

  A1. Tonight You Belong To Me ··· (4:39) - Stanley   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A2. Move On ··· (3:07) - Stanley/Japp   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A3. Ain't Quite Right ··· (3:34) - Stanley/Japp   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A4. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me ··· (3:16) - Stanley   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  A5. Take Me Away (Together As One) ··· (5:26) - Stanley/Japp   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B1. It's Alright ··· (3:31) - Stanley   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B2. Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We're Apart) ··· (3:40) - Stanley   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B3. Love In Chains ··· (3:34) - Stanley   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  
  B4. Goodbye ··· (4:09) - Stanley   [Sample]   [Song Lyrics]  

Album Notes:
Produced by Paul Stanley.
Tracks A5, B1, B3 & B4 Produced by Paul Stanley and Jeff Glixman.
Recorded and mixed at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, NY, The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA, and The Village Recorders, Los Angeles, CA Spring 1978.