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Release Date Artist Title Track List Producer(s) RIAA1
NBLP-7130 XX.XX.79 Delaney, Sean Highway
Sean Delaney & Mike Stone N/A
NBLP-7131 XX.XX.79 Space Just Blue Jean Phillippe Illiesco N/A
NBLP-7132 XX.XX.79 Meadowlark Lemon My Kids ? N/A
NBLP-7133 XX.XX.79 Cher Take Me Home Bob Etsy Gold
NBLP-7134 XX.XX.79 The Godz Nothing Is Sacred Eric Moore N/A
NBLP-7135 XX.XX.79 Brooklyn Dreams Sleepless Nights Bob Etsy N/A
NBLP-7136 XX.XX.79 Meco (Monardo) Superman & Other Galactic Heroes Meco Monardo N/A
NBLP-7137 XX.XX.79 Munich Machine Body Shine Giorgio Moroder, Stephan Wisnett, & Gunter Moll N/A
NBLP-7138 XX.XX.79 Bad News Travels Fast Look Out! Alec R. Costandinos N/A
NBLP-7139 XX.XX.79 Nightlife Unlimited Nightlife Unlimited George Cucuzzella & Peter Dimilo N/A
NBLP-7140 XX.XX.79 Parker, Dennis Like An Eagle Henri Belolo & Jacques Morali N/A
NBLP-7141 XX.XX.79 V/A They're Playing Our Song OST Brooks Arthur, Carole Sager & Marvin Hamlisch N/A
NBLP-7142 XX.XX.79 V/A Agatha OST Johnny Mandel N/A
NBLP-7143 XX.XX.79 Faye, Alma Doin' It Roger Belair N/A
NBLP-7144 04.XX.79 Village People Go West Jacques Morali N/A
NBLP-7145 XX.XX.79 Allen, Woody Stand-Up Comic ? N/A
NBLP-7146 XX.XX.79 Parlet Invasion Of The Booty Snatchers George Clinton & Ron Dunbar N/A
NBLP-7147 XX.XX.79 Beckmeier Brothers Beckmeier Brothers ? N/A
NBLP-7148 XX.XX.79 Juvet, Patrick Lady Night Jacques Morali N/A
NBLP-7149 XX.XX.79 Lenny & Squiggy Lenny & The Squigtones David L. Lander (Squiggy) N/A
NBLP-7150 05.XX.79 Summer, Donna Bad Girls Donna Summer, Juergen Koppers, Pete Bellotte, & Giorgio Moroder Platinum
NBLP-7151 XX.XX.79 The Sylvers Disco Fever Giorgio Moroder N/A
NBLP-7152 05.23.79 KISS Dynasty4 Vini Poncia Platinum
NBLP-7153 XX.XX.79 Orlando, Tony I Got Rhythm Dave Appell & Henry Mendross N/A
NBLP-7154 XX.XX.79 Gomez, Leroy I Got It Bad Sam Choueka & Leroy Gomez N/A
NBLP-7155 XX.XX.79 Meco (Monardo) Moondancer Meco Monardo N/A
NBLP-7156 XX.XX.79 Sam The Band Play It Again, Sam David Appell & Henry Mendross N/A
NBLP-7157 XX.XX.79 Love & Kisses You Must Be Love Alec R. Costandinos N/A
NBLP-7158 XX.XX.79 Brooks, Pattie Party Girl Bunny Sigler N/A
NBLP-7159 XX.XX.79 Cindy & Roy Can You Feel It Walter Khan N/A
NBLP-7160 XX.XX.79 LaRue, D.C. Forces Of The Night Bob Esty N/A
NBLP-7161 XX.XX.79 V/A A Night At Studio 54 Ian Schrager & Otcur Russet Gold
NBLP-7162 XX.XX.79 Williams, Robin Reality... What A Concept Brooks Arthur & Neil Bogart Gold
NBLP-7163 XX.XX.79 Jabara, Paul The Third Album Paul Jabara N/A
NBLP-7164 XX.XX.79 Scales, Harvey Hot Foot (A Funque Dizco Opera) Melvin Griffin & Harvey Scales N/A
NBLP-7165 XX.XX.79 Brooklyn Dreams Joy Ride Juergen Koppers N/A
NBLP-7166 XX.XX.79 The Ritchie Family Bad Reputation Jacques Morali N/A
NBLP-7167 XX.XX.79 Costandinos, Alec R. Winds Of Change OST Alec R. Costandinos N/A
NBLP-7168 XX.XX.79 Joel Diamond Experience Joel Diamond Experience Joel Diamond N/A
NBLP-7169 XX.XX.79 Giorgio (Moroder) E=MC2 Giorgio Moroder N/A
NBLP-7170 09.XX.79 Lightning8 Lightning Lewis Merenstein & Ralph Moss N/A
NBLP-7171 XX.XX.79 Platypus Street Babies Platypus N/A
NBLP-7172 XX.XX.79 TJM TJM Tom Moulton N/A
NBLP-7173 XX.XX.79 McLean, Don Chain Lightning Larry Butler N/A
NBLP-7174 XX.XX.79 K.I.D.S. or Duncan Sisters? Ronald McDonald Visits America ? N/A
NBLP-7175 XX.XX.79 Santa Esmeralda Another Cha-Cha ? N/A
NBLP-7176 XX.XX.79 Travolta, Joey I Can't Forget You ? N/A
NBLP-7177 XX.XX.79 Reed, J. Michael J. Michael Reed Alvin A. Davies N/A
NBLP-7178 XX.XX.79 DeSario, Teri Moonlight Madness ? N/A
NBLP-7179 XX.XX.79 Nolan, Kenny Night Miracles Juergen Koppers & Kenny Nolan N/A
NBLP-7180 XX.XX.79 4 On The Floor 4 On The Floor ? N/A
NBLP-7181 XX.XX.79 Bad News Travels Fast Ordinary Man Alec R. Costandinos N/A
NBLP-7182 XX.XX.79 Costandinos, Alec R. & The Synchophonic Orchestra Costandinos, Alec R. & The Synchophonic OrchestraLigntning Alec R. Costandinos N/A
NBLP-7183 XX.XX.79 Village People Live And Sleazy Jacques Morali N/A
NBLP-7184 XX.XX.79 Cher Prisoner Bob Etsy N/A
NBLP-7185 XX.XX.79 Bullens, Cindy Steal The Night Cindy Bullens & Mark Doyle N/A
NBLP-7186 XX.XX.79 Heron, Mike Mike Heron Hugh Murphy N/A
NBLP-7187 XX.XX.79 Rallo, Tony, & the Midnight Band Burnin' Alive Alec R. Costandinos N/A
NBLP-7188 XX.XX.79 Captain & Tennille Make Your Move ? N/A
NBLP-7189 XX.XX.79 Loose Change Loose Change Tom Moulton N/A
NBLP-7190 XX.XX.79 Persia Persia ? N/A
NBLP-7191 10.XX.79 Summer, Donna On The Radio Greatest Hits Vols 1 & II Gary Klein, Pete Bellotte, & Giorgio Moroder N/A
NBLP-7192 XX.XX.79 Skatt Bros. Strange Spirits Willi Morrison & Ian Guenther N/A
NBLP-7193 XX.XX.79 C.O.D. Tears Joe Falsia N/A
NBLP-7194 XX.XX.79 V/A Roller Boogie OST Bob Esty N/A
NBLP-7195 XX.XX.79 Parliament Gloryhallastoopid George Clinton N/A
NBLP-7196 XX.XX.79 Meco (Monardo) Music From Star Trek / Black Hole Meco Monardo N/A

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